Sep 14

Rogerth Thurs: Fucked in a Sauna Part 1

In the group came the boy who was cool and during the night, and in the middle of the disco, he messed with another in my face. I said goodbye to the time of my colleagues and went with the intention of going home, bitter, fucked.I walked away to clear myself a little, because the last drinks I had drunk very quickly and it seemed somewhat dizzy. I had a journey of about forty minutes and had almost three in the morning when I headed home.I thought angrily about that boy who was cool when in a certain area of ââa dimly lit street I looked up and found a sauna. It was an uncles sauna, wow, and it was open with a subtly lit sign and a somewhat concealed door. I knew its existence but I had never entered that one or any sauna like that.I saw the sign, “Olympus.” I didn’t even think about it. Maybe it was because I was screwed, but I walked the last steps and crossed the door.After a small entrance there was a window and a boy behind her. It was cute. I saw that he was somewhat younger than me and only a towel at the waist that covered the essentials. Already there in that cubicle it smelled damp, of showers, of clothes.I paid the entrance fee and the boy handed me flip flops, a towel and the key to my locker.Something that surprised me was that the few seconds of access to the locker room and the ticket office area the boy at the door entered and informed me relaxed.- Have you come before? He was leaning against a wall and apparently he had been watching me.-No, he had never come. I smiled shyly.-You know that in here there are many uncles who want to leave that ass, right?I was somewhat cold, but that stimulated me and blushed me.

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Sep 13

Kane Lawson: Attention Ladies & Gentleman

Kane has been on a mission and does he have somethings new for you all!Kane will be hosting strip black jack, strip poker, and any other games that you can think of to get Kane out of his clothes then he would love to try.Starting next week, Kane will be posting a schedule to be on time as his schedule will suggest. One more insider exclusive… coming soon to Kane’s room will be a special guests model for a duo show, giving you something new to see. You asked for it so you will get it.Don’t forget to bring your credits to the Stripp’n Kane Kasino. Peace & Love -Kane Lawson

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Sep 11

Adam & Taylor: One Night with My Uncle the Drunk Police

a month ago my family organized a party due to my grandmother’s birthday which almost all my family attended my cousins ââmy aunts who are 3 with my mother and my aunt liza and my other aunt minerva but I have an uncle who is a policeman. My uncle is very close to my mother. He always visited us at last. The party started with a lot of liquor as a normal family celebration. They transcribed the hours. It was already 1 am. They started to distribute. There was a deposit with a very ugly single bed. I didn’t want to sleep. there is with my uncle it was horrible but finally we came and I went to bed first I sleep later I do not know the time when my uncle arrived and lay down drunk his smell displeased me I just took off my clothes just staying in boxerI was asleep when I feel my hand inside …Â Â my uncle in my ass and says mary I want to fuck my dog ââI do not know why but I felt a great excitement that had never happened to me that never attracted to a family member he followed until he reached my ass after I started to lower the boxer had the cock flabby I really liked him he was still asleep and he took the guebo hard as about 24 cm uff told me mary sit down I started to put my head was super painful but I loved it after 5 minutes he started giving fast and suddenly I feel a strong slap that made me feel scared my uncle had woken up told me …..

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