Feb 13

Mike Chapman: About Me.

About Me:I am a Scorpio so i am here for serious slaves and fans of Bbc sex,also people who are into (but not limited too) some kind of virtual relationship experience, rough anal sex,sissy domination,cuckold,cock teasing, Sex Wife ,voyeurism,face fucking,dirty talking and bbc worship,or maybe even a master and slave relationship you know, all the good stuff.Please don’t forget to check out the bate videos in my bio,and also if you are intelligent and discrete that works for me as well because i know this for sure,above and beyond sex the most important human need is to be understood by other human beings,because if even one other person understands you then you feel justified in saying to yourself ”Wait a minute i’m not fucking crazy because some one else thinks my thoughts,not exactly the same but close enough” Now if that statement is too complex for you don’t worry my friend,it only means that this is not the right chat room for you,or is it? anyway Actually i just wanted to tell you an interesting story about my dick…but it’s too long.

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Feb 11

Samuel Sweet: A Little About Me

Hello all first I wanna thank you for being on my page I hope I can please you and you too can make me just as happy in the long run. Lets really have some fun with this enjoys some laughs also im an open book ask me anything. A couple things about me first I dont do anything involving anal or anything like that so please I ask that you dont ask for anything like that. However I will gladly role play with you and jerk my dick all day with you 😀 I also enjoy toys but I currently dont have any right now so I do apologize for that I am new to this and plan to get some later on. Lets have fun guys and girls 😉

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Feb 10

Peiton A: Morbid in a Bathroom

Recently, I went to pay some bills at the bank, on the way to the mall I have to go through another shopping center; this one is characterized because in the zone it is used to make morbidity in the open air … between the normal bathroom … when a group of young boys got nervous, so I already knew how is this reaction … take more time of the expected to know what else they were doing … they were watching me sneaky …..

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